Zhuangzi first chapter

“In the barren northland there is a dark ocean, called the Pool of Heaven. There is a fish several thousand miles across with a length that is as yet unknown named Kun, there is a bird named Peng with a back like Mt. Tai and wings like clouds draped across the heavens. Whorling upward, he ascends ninety thousand miles, breaking through the clouds and bearing the blue of the sky on his back, and then heads south, finally arriving at the Southern Oblivion. The quail laughs at him saying, ‘Where does he thing he’s going? I leap into the air with all my might, but before I get farther than a few yards I drop to the ground. My twittering and fluttering between the bushes and branches is the utmost form of flying! So where does he think he’s going?’ Such is the difference between the large and the small.” (Zhuangzi, Chapter One: Wandering Far and Unfettered)

Zhuangzi butterfly dream

“Once Zhuang Zhou dreamt he was a butterfly, fluttering about joyfully just as a butterfly would. He followed his whims exactly as he liked and knew nothing about Zhuang Zhou. Suddenly he awoke, and there he was, the startled Zhuang Zhou in the flesh. He did not know if Zhou had been dreaming he was a utterly or if a butterfly was now dreaming it was Zhou. Surely, Zhou and a butterfly and as two distinct identities! Such is what we call the transformation of one thing to another.” (Zhuangzi, Chapter Two: Equalizing Assessments of Things)