Workshop: Introduction to Data Visualization

I’ll need to update this later with more reflection, but for now I wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the workshop! Everyone asked excellent questions and I saw great work during the hands-on session. I also learned how I could make my presentations more useful. It was great to have an opportunity to think so deliberately about the science and history of my work with data.

Additionally, I spoke with someone at the meetup who wanted to know whether data underlying a Tableau Public workbook could be independently downloaded, and I (incorrectly) said I didn’t think so. I was wrong! I hope to figure out who you were from the Meetup RSVP list.

Finally, one attendee has noticed that I describe myself as a cat lady in my Twitter bio and shared pictures of his regal tabby in various poses by a fireplace. Please know that any pictures of your cat are always welcome. This message applies to anyone who attends a workshop. Or uses the internet.

I also wanted to use this post to specifically address some tools I mentioned in the workshop, and feel free to comment if I’ve forgotten something!

  • Anaconda, free distribution of almost 200 of the most widely used Python packages for data science and visualization

  • Tabula, a free cross-platform tool that allows you to extract data from a PDF into a spreadsheet (CSV or Excel)

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